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    The Weekender Cocktail: The Proper Martini

    This one’s for you, dad.

    My father never waited until the weekend to make a martini. Indeed, there were always two glasses chilling in the freezer, so when he came home from work they were always ready for him and mom to have a drink.

    When my father passed away, amid all the memories that came back to me, the evening cocktail before dinner stuck with me. Dad never wanted dinner waiting for him when he got home. He wanted that cocktail time with mom first, and the martini was their drink of choice. Continue Reading

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    A Brief Detour…

    As you’ve noticed, we haven’t written much lately.

    Life comes at you fast. One minute we’re getting this blog launched, preparing to market it to build readership, and coming up with new fun things to write about. The next minute, you’re taking your father to the hospital right after he came to town for the July 4th holiday. We’ve been visiting new places over the last month, but most of them are in and around the Texas Medical Center.

    We’ll be back to writing about fun things to do on the weekend soon. But right now, it’s more important that we spend the time to take care of our own.

    This blog is all about celebrating life, and family is a big part of that. We’ll be back once things settle down. After all, dad always has been someone who’s up for a cocktail made with the good stuff or a day trip to explore new places, and he always wanted to share what he knew.


    In Memory of
    Lewis N. Davis Jr.
    1932 – 2018

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