Home is our favorite place to be

With his many travels for work, John always says “Home is his favorite place to be.” Mine, too.

We’re home this weekend after two short escapes to the Hill Country. Well, I leave tomorrow night for a conference in Washington D.C. and will be back on Thursday. I decided I wanted to get in a walk today. One of my favorite places to walk is up to the adjacent neighborhood called Lakeshore Harbor. The homes look out on serene lakes and fountains. It’s peaceful. I enjoy walking over there and then taking a time out to sit on one of the benches and quietly reflect.

We like to travel and see new places, but we both travel a lot for work so home truly is a haven. It’s a place of rest and recharging after hectic and stressful days. I don’t think I will ever be the homebody my dad was, but I have grown to appreciate the simplicty of  just being at home.

Enjoy your weekend and whatever it is that brings you joy!

Weekends At Home
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