I think I’ll just be happy today @ The Busy B

Sunday night on our way home from the Hill Country, I bought a key chain that says “I think I’ll just be happy today!”  I wanted to have a reminder that my circumstances don’t necessarily dictate my happiness – I do and each and every day I have to make a conscious decision to be happy and not let what others may think get me down. Easier said than done.

Where did I find this little key chain? At a store called The Busy B in La Grange.  We’ve made plenty of trips to and from the Hill Country on I-10 and everytime we do, I see the sign for The Busy B and my curiosity is piqued. We had extra time on Sunday, so  I asked John if we could please stop.

If you’re like me and like home decor and little “pretties,” this place is for you. It’s huge! With at least four rooms, The Busy B carries everything from darling, pillows, key chains, jewelry, baby/wedding gifts, clothes and so much more. In every corner, there’s another unique treasure to discover.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to travel all the way to La Grange. They have a website and you can order certain items online or if you like The Busy B on Facebook and spot something you can’t live without, I was told to let them know and they could make arangements for you to purchase and for them to ship.

I escaped The Busy B having spent only $10, but we will surely be back with our regular trips to the Hill Country – a place that definitely makes me happy!

To check out The Busy B, find them on Facebook or their website: www.thebusyb.com.



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