The Weekender Cocktail: Hawaiian Mimosas

Cocktails are a lot like cooking: sometimes you just look in the fridge, see what you have too much of, and find a recipe that fits.

Such is the case with us and the Hawaiian Mimosa. We already had a lot of pineapple juice left over from last week’s Hurricane recipe, and we had nearly a liter of coconut rum on hand from making Pina Coladas… and I had recently picked up a nice bottle of Cava.

Boom! The only thing I was missing was a champagne flute, which Laura says I should have found in the cupboard, but I didn’t. They were delicious in regular wine glasses anyway…

1 oz Coconut Rum (I’m partial to Don Q)

2 oz Pineapple Juice

Top with sparkling wine

The wine cuts the sweetness of the juice and coconut rum, so adjust the pour to your taste. It’s a refreshing drink for a summer weekend. Enjoy!


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