The Weekender Playlist: Could You Put?

The Power 92 morning show, “Bobby and the MFs (Morning Fools)” circa 1989: David B. Treadway, Kelly Boom, the late Bob Wall (“Harrison”), program director Ron Parker, airborne traffic reporter Mark Jeffrey (photo courtesy Ron Parker)

In the late 1980s, I worked at a radio station that catered to a Hispanic audience and was heavy on the club music of the day. One of the things I learned was the phrase “Can I request a song?” or “Can you play (song)” doesn’t translate well from Spanish into English. The closest you can get is “Can you put on (song)?” and more often it would come out “Could you put (artist)?” We used to joke around that we needed to get the voice guy to do a “Power 92 Puts!” drop for us that we could mix in with “Dance your ass off.”

We had a lot of fun at this station, and I’ve stayed close with my old boss and co-workers over the years. Last week on Facebook we started coming up with all the songs we used to play and made a great list. Fire up this playlist and you can’t help but dance.

Included in here is the song that we got into a little trouble for leaking before it was released (Janet Jackson), the first song I ever played on the radio (Sheena Easton), songs we got traffic tickets to while cruising in the station van (Debbie Deb, Prince), and the song we used in the station TV commercial (Dino). Good times await when you click play, so Put This On.

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