The Weekender Playlist: Songs of Summer

It’s almost time for fireworks here in the USA. Even though Independence Day falls during the middle of the week, there’s no reason we can’t start the party a little early.

I started compiling this list a couple of years back, inspired by the work of Billboard writer and music researcher Sean Ross. Ross annually handicaps the Song of the Summer here in America based on airplay and basically what songs gets stuck in our collective psyche all summer long.

Using chart data and whole lot of subjectivity, I compiled a list of songs I think fit the bill from 1964 through now. In 2016, I turned this into a 6 hour special for Classic Pop Radio, and I’ve kept adding to it each year.

While Sean won’t officially crown a winner for this year until Labor Day, I’m putting my money on Drake and Bebe Rexha to do well in this year’s derby.

Sit back and enjoy the ebbs and flows of pop music over the years and enjoy the summer!

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